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Speed, quality, professionality, reliability, complexity… these words are a reflex of Inex Corp.’s work since 1998. Before the 1998, founder of the company František Pavlansky worked in the film construction from 1992 and in the construction fields since 1979.


Inex Corp. main focus was for the years excellent service in movie set construction, specially in Central Europe. We have worked on many interesting films, tv productions, commercials, theaters but used our high skills also on exhibitions, typical and atypical furniture production, theme parks, commercial and residential constructions and help with our workers many other workshops and partners all over the Europe.


What sets us apart from our competition? We are flexible and able to adapt to the time, weather and other extreme conditions of each project. Also thanks to this we were able with our customers to build the name of quality – the best professionals in our fields.


For our customers, we are able to provide constructions from scratch to the final paintings according to supplied project documentation. From the smallest projects to the biggest ones.

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Movie and TV set constructions

From film studios backlots, stages, halls, TV studios to all imaginable locations and scales.

For past 20 years we have build and uninstalled sceneries for more than 200 projects.


We can offer whole package of on set works as carpentry, joinery, sculpting, locksmith works, painting, moulding, plaster works, finishing, props making, project administration, creating faux effects such as stone, concrete, metal and aged and weathered on any surface or substrate…. …basically everything you may need from construction of your scenery.


Moreover we are very careful while making sceneries and when uninstalling it to save as much material for further use as possible.

Theater, opera and stage scenery

We offer traditional theatrical scenic painting with wide-range of styles of painting and craft techniques. From landscape painting, figurative painting, trompe l’oeil, and faux finishing. We are versatile in different media such as acrylic, oil, and tempera paint, oil paint and others with fire-proof treatment.

Moreover we offer also hard construction theater sets from all kinds of material (wood, steel, plasters, various combinations of materials and techniques), from the easy one to the most complicated using years of knowledge, skills and modern techniques.


We have worked with scenographers and art directors from whole Europe for more than 20 different theaters and opera houses and realized various indoor and outdoor events.

Custom fabrication

No matter what size project you’re working on, we have resources to make it. Wood, metal, plastics, plasters, glass or anything else you imagine. Whether you need a interesting furnishing for your store, network of stores, atypical component, furnishing for exhibition, promo action or need props or scenes for theme park, we have the ability to support you throughout the entire process.


No project of custom fabrication was by now for us too small or too large!?


Moreover if you have only the idea and need the design, we can offer you services of the best one designers we were working with during the times.

Workers leasing

Do you have problem with your staff capacity for your project? Do you need to support your team in short period with highly skilled professionals?


We offer our cooperation basically within whole world. We have prepared teams or individuals – carpenters, jointers, locksmiths, painters, sculptors, finishers with various experiences. We provide whole service including transport, documentations, accommodation… basically you just need to let us know when and where.


We have done such cooperation in Europe with 1 worker up to 100 for one site. If its carpentry workshop, furniture making factory, festivals constructions or anything else where our people are useful we will be glad to help and show why we never had any unhappy business partner.

Project administration

If you need for any reason to pass the whole project from order to final handover we can offer you our depth experiences we have get in last 20 years in wide variety of different projects.


If you need:
– ensuring that projects are run in compliance
– providing guidance to project teams
– maintaining and integrating project plans
– tracking & reporting overall progress
– administering the project budget
– and/or secure any other section of your project we are here for you!


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By now we have worked on more than 155 movies,

here are some of them:

  • 2002 – Shanghai Knights
  • 2002 – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  • 2003 – AVP: Alien vs. Predator
  • 2003 – Hell Boy
  • 2003 – The Brothers Grimm
  • 2004 – D’Artagnan
  • 2004 – Oliver Twist
  • 2005 – Hannibal Rising
  • 2006 – James Bond: Casino Royale
  • 2006 – La Vie en Rose
  • 2007 – Paris 36
  • 2007 – Babylon AD
  • 2008 – Solomon Kane
  • 2008 – Dark Skies
  • 2009 – The Philanhtropist
  • 2009 – Young Indiana Jones
  • 2010 – Mission impossible: Ghost protocol
  • 2011 – Only Love
  • 2012 – Crossing Lines
  • 2012 – The Borgias
  • 2012 – Merlin
  • 2013 – Child 44
  • 2013 – Three Musketeers
  • 2014 – Emperor
  • 2014 – The war
  • 2015 – Underwolrd
  • 2015 – Romeo and Julliet
  • 2016 – Britannia
  • 2016 – Gardenshop Thrillogy
  • 2016 – The Zookeper’s wife
  • 2016 – Knightfall
  • 2017 – Knightfall – New construction after fire damages

Exhibitions and stages

By now we have done 35 different exhibitions and stage shows

some of them were:

  • 2008 – Earth Exhibition in Prague
  • 2009 – Bratislava Opera Ball
  • 2009 – Prague National Museum
  • 2010 – Bratislava Opera Ball
  • 2011 – Bratislava Opera Ball (once again, basically we are working since 2009 every year on it)
  • 2011 – Exhibition in Linz
  • 2011 – Opera Ball in Prague
  • 2012 – Prague National Technical Museum
  • 2012 – Prague City Museum
  • 2014 – Slovak National Museum
  • 2014 – Slovak women of the Year
  • 2016 – Emmerdale Exhibition

TV Productions

By now we have worked on more than 81 sceneries,

for several TV channels, here are some of them:

  • 2005 – Villa house for show “VyVolení” (show like big brother)
  • 2008 – Miss Slovakia
  • 2009 – Got Talent
  • 2011 – Legends of Pop
  • 2011 – Late night show
  • 2012 – Orange fashion show
  • 2013 – I Love Slovakia
  • 2015 – OTO 2015
  • 2015 – Chart Show
  • 2015 – Wild horses
  • 2016 – Once upon a time on the West
  • 2016 – ZOO
  • 2016 – Prefab
  • 2017 – Country sings

Other interesting projects

Here is the list of some other interesting projects we have done,

from more than 76 different projects we think the most interesting were:

  • Theme park – Magic Castle in Seefeld, Austria
  • Cooperation on building O2 hockey arena in Prague
  • Cooperation on building of several residence buildings in Prague
  • Reconstructions of few Hotels and Pensions in Slovakia
  • 2016 – Emmerdale Exhibition
  • 2016 – Korda studios New York set reconstruction
  • 2017 – Theme park – Katowice, Polland

And we believe the next one we will find interesting can be yours!



Inex s.r.o.
Tatranská 226/36
053 11, Smižany
Slovak Republic


Office hours:
8:30 – 18:00 (GMT+1)

00420 733 233 937
00421 908 643 512


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